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Our Mission was developed to assist counseling professionals who are working to obtain a credential (licensure or certification) as a drug and/or alcohol counselor.  All states, as well as many countries, recognize drug and alcohol counseling professionals by offering counselor licensure or certification in various ways.  Some states offer licensure and as such, have a state office or agency in charge of such credentialing.  Other states offer credentialing through private certification/credentialing boards, who are  typically members or in cooperation with one of the following bodies: 

  • The American Academy of Health Care Providers;
  • IC&RC (International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium;
    Website - IC&RC;
  • NAADAC - the Association for Addiction Professionals
    Website - NAADAC.

Depending on the credential offered in your state or country, individuals seeking a credential to practice drug and alcohol counseling will be required to obtain a specified number of education and work experience hours, and the pass a written credentialing examination (some credentialing bodies also require an oral examination).  To learn more about requirements in your state or country, or how to contact the appropriate credentialing body, you can visit this website:

Along with our sister site,, we are dedicated to providing not only quality training via distance learning, but a variety of resources to insure that candidates for credentialing are prepared to the best of their abilities, allowing them to successfully complete their credentialing examinations. publications and materials can assist you in the following ways:

  • Provide written materials to help you review and/or prepare for your basic drug and alcohol credentialing examinations (appropriate for the American Academy, IC&RC, NAADAC, and most state-specific exams)
    - a 786-page content review manual for drug/alcohol credentialing
    - "how-to" guides for both the written and oral exams, including sample written exams and sample oral responses
    - online sample exams with immediate scoring and review;
  • Provide written materials to help you review and/or prepare for your advanced drug/alcohol credentials (IC&RC and NAADAC offer advanced AODA credentialing) and/or specialty credentialing examinations
    - a content review manual for the written clinical supervisor exam (offered by IC&RC member boards), including a sample written exam, developed by Dr. David Powell
  • Set-up onsite review coursework for your staff at your own facility
  • Develop live training programs for delivery in your city, state, region
  • Provide online training, testing/evaluation using online and hard copy sample exams. guarantees your satisfaction with our materials.  If you are unhappy with any of the study guides we will refund the full fee paid for any of our publications minus any applicable shipping and handling expenses.  Refund requests must be submitted by email or in writing within 30 days of purchase, and no refund will be made until the customer returns the Ready to Test publication to our offices in a timely manner.  Refunds CAN NOT be made for online sample examinations.

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