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How to Use the Sample Exam 

The test questions found in the sample examination are representative of the knowledge required in the field of chemical dependency counseling.  They are NOT actual test questions from either the ICRC or NAADAC exams.  They are intended to assist you in assessing your own knowledge and understanding of information regarding the chemical dependency profession.   

Find time to sit down and take the entire examination in a single sitting.  Fifty questions should take you no more than one hour to complete (this is equivalent to the amount of time you would have on the actual credentialing examination).  You have two options for taking your sample exam:

  1. you can go directly to the online test to read your test questions and to enter your responses, or

  2. if you prefer, you can first download a copy of the questions (along with an answer sheet) to take the exam off-line.  You will then need to return to this site to enter your test results for scoring. 

If you prefer to first take your exam off-line before submitting your results for scoring, use the link below to open a PDF copy of the exam and an answer sheet.  You will need the Adobe Reader program to view and print this document.  If you don't have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free at this location:

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PDF Copy of the Sample Exam


Effective with the June 2008 exam, the AODA Written Examination has been updated to include test questions measuring addiction counselor competency.  The new exam still contains a total of 150 multiple choice questions, but thirteen (13) of the new exam questions require analysis of a Case History provided within the exam.  The remaining one hundred and thirty-seven questions are very similar to the previous test questions, only they have four (4) answer choices rather than five (5) answer choices. 

The final thirteen (13) questions are designed to measure counselor competency in applying information about the Twelve Core Functions and their related Forty-Six Global Criteria to a Case History.  These questions are more difficult because they require a higher level of thinking to choose the correct answer.  They will ask the testing candidate to not only understand and comprehend good addiction counseling “best practices,” but also require that they apply that understanding to a given Case History. 

Revised Performance Domains 

Performance Domain

# of Questions

Percent of the Exam

I.       Clinical Evaluation



II.       Treatment Planning



III.      Referral



IV.     Service Coordination



V.     Counseling



VI.     Client, Family and Community Education



VII.    Documentation



VIII.   Professional and Ethical Responsibility



(Disclaimer:   The questions on this sample examination are NOT actual questions from the exam you will be taking.  However, they are structured very much like the actual exam and cover similar content materials.)

Sample Exam #1 - Access

When you are ready to submit your sample exam responses online, use the link below to access the test page.  THIS IS A TIMED TEST TO GIVE YOU THE FEEL OF WHAT THE ACTUAL EXAM WILL BE LIKE.  The sample exam is also self-scoring.  Upon submitting your exam, a page will pop-up with your score, missed questions, the complete key to this sample exam, and tips and information on those questions you may have missed during the sample examination.  Be sure to review this information before closing the webpage as the scoring page will not be available once it is closed.  For your convenience, there is a button at the bottom of the confirmation page that will allow you to print out the results of your sample exam.   

Preparation and Review Sample Exam #1

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