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Below you will see news and information related to addiction credentialing.

We update this page periodically, so please keep checking back for the latest news and information.

IC&RC Changes ADC News
IC&RC, the world leader in addiction-related credentialing, is making changes to the Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC) examination. (updated March 2023)

IC&RC is updating the ADC exam effective March 1, 2023. IC&RC has completed the job task analysis of the drug/alcohol field and will be implementing a new test format for the alcohol/drug counselor exam (ADC).  The new test will roll out on March 1st of 2023 and will be based on four new domains of information:

  • Domain I: Scientific Principles of Substance Use and Co-Occurring Disorders (25% of exam questions)

  • Domain II: Evidence-Based Screening and Assessment (20% of exam questions)

  • Domain III: Evidence-Based Treatment, Counseling, and Referral (30% of exam questions)

  • Domain IV: Professional, Ethical, and Legal Responsibilities (25% of exam questions)

An updated Candidate Guide is available reflecting the changes here:



More information on IC&RC’s ADC credential and examination can be found by clicking the button below: 




Any questions about these changes may be directed to Rachel Witmer, Assistant Director, at

NCC AP News Article

NAADAC's National Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals (NCC AP) has instituted three main credentials for addiction counselors:

These credentials are suited to varying degrees of knowledge and formal training, based on the skill set of the substance use disorder professional.  Each credential has a different set of standards to fit the testing populations.  Movement through the credentials is possible, and each test shows how the counselor is a leader in the profession due to quality standards being met.

 The NCC AP also offers opportunities for specialization credentials and endorsements:

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